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Why you need inspection?
How can you make sure that all your products imported from China are as per your requirements? If you work with an independent inspection agency such as Bridgenova, any problem will be identified and prevented at the source, either preproduction, during production or prior to shipment.

Bridgenova on-site quality inspections and factory audit services throughout china help businesses to:

  • reduce risks associated with poor quality, loading, storage, transportation and non-compliance with regulatory requirements,
  • get informed in advance about production problems and shipping delays,
  • ensure that contractual obligations are met: specifications, packaging, marking and delivery,
  • acquire professional inspection equipments and means (Take on-site pictures of caliper, notebooks, scanner, QC800 Barcode Verifier, Humidity Testers, color chips, etc.).
  • identify problems before products are shipped or distributed,
  • establish and maintain a high-performance vendor base throughout china and lower costs.

Why choose Bridgenova?
Bridgenova makes your imports from in China safer while saving you time and money. Our services are:

  • Easier : manage your production inspections online from booking to approval / rejection and we handle the rest !
  • Cheaper : from US$188 per man/day anywhere in China (all-inclusive).
  • Safer : our Quality inspectors use highly recognized international standards (MIL STD 105 E *).
  • Quicker : book your Inspection / Audit online and receive your report on the same day as the inspection.