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How do I place an order?
Once on your account, you have directly access to 2 booking boxes: “Book a new order” on the left, and “Re-order” on the right. Choose weather you want to input your order from scratch, or if you want to use and amend a previous order of yours, and click “Next”.

How do I pay for my order?
On the last page of your Order, you will be given the quotation for your Inspection or Audit, based on Bridgenove pricing. You can then pay for your order by clicking “Confirm and pay online” : this will lead you through the Paypal payment process. Alternatively you can decide to confirm your order but pay only after receipt of your monthly invoice – this will incur a additional charge of US$8 for your order. All conditions are available here.

How do I place an order with several products to inspect?
If you have a running production of several product references in the same factory (e.g. different colours of an item, etc), you can ask us to inspect each of the references separately. To do so, input your order for the first item, and then click 'Add another product' at the bottom of your order. This will open another specification form. We charge USD30 per extra reference inspected.

Can I retrieve information from previous orders?
If you want to order an inspection with very similar details than a previous one (e.g. same supplier and/or same product specifications, etc), you can from your account choose to Re-order’. You will be able there to select a previous order, and create a duplicate new one, with all details already filled in.

Can I change my order once it has been confirmed?
Once you have confirmed an order, it will appear in the Pending Orders tab of your account. From there, you can open it and make amendments to it, using the Modify button on top. You can update and complete your specifications and instructions, including the Inspection date at anytime you need until the day before Inspection, 4 pm China time.

Can I put people in copy of my order?
On the first order page, you will be able to input colleagues' or friends' email addresses in a dedicated field. This will mean that these people will receive the Report sending notification email along with you.

Where should I send my Reference Sample for inspection?

In which Product Fields do you have expertise ?
Our Inspector will follow strictly the specifications and instructions you input in your online order. In addition to that, our Supervisors will add any relevant testing / criteria to follow during the Inspection / Audit into the Inspector's protocol.

Should the Supervisor feel we lack information to perform a good Inspection / Audit, he will come back to you before the expected completion date to let you know.

Bridgenove has experience in all major products lines, from textiles to electronics, toys, automotive, sundries, houseware, metal, wood... The products we do not Inspect are food & chemicals.

Where can I check my pending order?
Once you have logged in, you will be able to access your Pending orders from the tab 'Pending Orders'.

Can I complete my order once I have confirmed it?

Once you have confirmed an order, it will appear in the Pending Orders tab of your account. From there, you can open it and make amendments to it, using the Modify button on top. You can change everything but the Inspection date, and you can bring amendments up to 1 day before the Inspection date, 4pm China time.

How can I get a clear look at my coming inspections?
From your ‘Pending Orders’ tab, you can access the Calendar view. This link will open a PopUp window with a Calendar display, showing your coming inspections by date. You can choose to view day-by-day, week-by-week or on a monthly display.

Can I cancel my order?
You can cancel your order online up, without cancellation charges, up to 24 hours prior the expected Inspection date. If you need to do so, click on the Modify Button on your pending order and input the reason of your cancellation. Please refer as well to our Terms of Services regarding this matter.

How and when do I get my Report ?
Once the Inspection / Audit is completed, you will receive a full detailed Report, in PDF format by email, the same-day of the Inspection usually. A web format is also uploaded to your Online Account, for your Approval / Rejection, and storage.

How can I print my report ?
On each report you will notice a 'Printable Version' button at the top. This will open the PDF linked file. Please note that opening the Printable PDF version might take some time, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Can I forward my report?
On each report you will notice a 'Forward the report' button at the top. This will open a pop-up window where you can input up to 5 email addresses of persons (colleagues, clients, factory, vendor, ...) that will receive a link to the related Inspection Report.

Can I archive my reports?
On each report you will notice a 'Archive the report' button at the top. This will remove the Report from the 'Available Reports' tab on your account, and store it in the 'Archive' tab.

Can I get a list of all my previous inspections?
From your account welcome page, you will notice on top left box a link ‘Export your inspections listing’. This will open a pop-up window with the list of all your previous inspections, that you can easily copy and paste into Excel or a similar software.

How can I approve / reject the production online?
On each web report, 2 buttons on the top are dedicated to Approval / Rejection of the production. Based on our findings, you can decide to click 'Approve' or 'Reject' there. If you approve, we will send an email to your supplier informing them that they can release and ship your goods. If you reject, you need to liaise directly with your supplier to decide further actions to take, including eventual re-inspection.

How can I modify my personal details?
From your online account, you can go to the 'My details' tab, and there choose to Modify your details (e.g. email address, name, etc). Please note that you will not be able to change your login unless you contact us to do so.