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Bridgenova inspection service is a fast growing medium sized quality assurance company incorporated in Hong Kong with its business presence mainly in Mainland China. We are committed to being a leading quality control service provider in China through tailored quality control services for the clients.
We perform inspection throughout China for worldwide importers. Provide us with your specifications online, and our qualified inspectors and Auditors will perform production inspections and audits on your behalf, directly in the factory. Our services start at $188 (all-inclusive) for an inspection in coastal areas of China.
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  • Electrical & Electronic products,
  • Crafts and gifts;
  • Building materials
  • Hardware;
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  Provide your specifications Upload the factory and production details agreed upon with your supplier.
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  Receive your detailed report Within 24 hours of inspection or audit, we provide you with a complete report. Store it online and make the best production decisions for your business.